How to Survive the Collapse of Civilization

What if the unthinkable happened? Could your family survive, even for a few weeks, without electricity... hospitals... water pumped in from miles away... and food trucked in from out of state?

If terrorists succeed in attacking the U.S. power grid with an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device, they could throw America into the dark ages in a split second.

A new generation of drug-resistant "superbugs" could result in global epidemics that kill up to 100 million people.

And as Hurricane Katrina proved, the Federal Government's ability to help during a national emergency is severely limited.

Find out what you can do to prepare to survive a terrorist strike... global epidemic... social unrest... or other serious disaster...

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Survival Seed Bank

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New “Survival Seed Bank” Produces Thousands Of Pounds Of Nutrient-Dense Food For Pennies Per Pound… Enough To Feed Friends And Family Forever!

New “Survival Seed Bank” Produces Thousands Of Pounds Of Nutrient-Dense Food For Pennies Per Pound… Enough To Feed Friends And Family Forever!

Now you can grow all the survival food you will ever need anywhere in the country with a kit that contains a special seed bank of hard to find, open pollinated… super seeds, grown by small, fiercely independent farmers.

Let’s face it. If the stories coming out on the world’s food supply are even half right, we’ve got real problems and they aren’t going to go away quickly. Here are a couple stories that I ran across recently:
  • WorldNet Daily cites strong evidence that some government agencies are stockpiling huge amounts of canned food.
  • Jim Randas, former U.S. Intelligence officer, appeared on ABC telling Americans to start stockpiling food.
  • Grocery store prices are rising faster than any time in U.S. history.
  • Worldwide grain stocks are dropping precipitously as bio-fuels consume inventories… and on and on and on.

You don’t have to be an Old Testament prophet to see what’s going on all around us. A belligerent lower class demanding handouts. A rapidly diminishing middle class crippled by police state bureaucracy. An aloof, ruling elite that has introduced us to an emerging totalitarianism which seeks control over every aspect of our lives.

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The Mississippi Preparedness Project

Who We are and Why We Are Here for Those Whom Care About this Country and Most of All Their Families.

We are Americans. We are your neighbor, your doctor, your mechanic. We are your child's teacher, the veteran, the store manager. We are your brothers, your sisters, your uncles or your cousins. We are the ones that have not forgotten our history and what once made us the greatest and most respected nation on the earth. Things have changed over the years.... and not for the better. This has not happened by chance.... there has been a precise plan to subvert the ideologies that our founding fathers laid out for this nation. There has been a purposeful demonizing of the American who strives to be self-reliant. We here at the Project are honorable law abiding citizens who care deeply about our America.

Because of the depth of our membership, we can carry forward knowledge and understanding not to be used as aggression but to safe guard. We strive to further the Survival of our Family, Country, Heritage and Values, of which is the American way regardless of crises and whether it be man made or natural.

Our membership is diverse and from all walks of life. Its all about being an American and believing in the principles our founding fathers whom made ultimate sacrifices to establish their dream and our way of life..

We emphasize the basic fundamentals of what we once knew in sustaining under the most serious conditions and most of all we exist as a network to assure no one person or family stands alone when the crisis happens.

What is the Projects Mission?

It is the goal of the Mississippi Preparedness Project, to be personally prepared, and able to respond as a prepared citizen when needed. We strive to encourage and train others to prepare for any situation, whether it be political or disruptions in the infrastructure and civil structure of the communities in which we live and work.

We intend to prepare and train for all foreseeable aspects of personal preparedness including Political, Basic and Emergency Medical, Food and Water Storage, Equipment, Local, State and Nationwide Communications, Personal, Home and Community Defense. We will continually strive to gain as much additional knowledge as possible to be able to survive any future hardship or disaster, whether natural or man made. Disasters are a very real threat to our families, and we all see their effects on humanity every week, including US citizens supposedly living in the wealthiest country in our world. Hurricanes, tornado's, earthquakes, floods, fires, civil unrest.... they all can and will effect our life sooner or later.

The Project is about training and preparing to "weather the storm" with little or no adverse effects to our family's health and safety. Unfortunately and usually, a natural disaster is also followed by a short term breakdown of civil society, which was seen abundantly during and after Hurricane Katrina. Therefore, it is also our belief that we must prepare for the defense of the family and community in the event that our local law enforcement officials are overwhelmed. Besides attending to our physical and material needs, it is also the goal of Project to educate people of the need and to show the way for people to change their lifestyles in order to achieve the goal of self reliance for our families.

Things such as living beyond our means, not understanding where our food comes from and how it's delivered, and the apathetic mentality towards the loss of liberty of the average citizen are some of the issues that we see in our society and which concern us greatly. Our philosophy is that it is better to have knowledge and not need it.... than to need it and not have it.

For further information on the Mississippi Preparedness Project please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

This site like the Mississippi Preparedness Project is NOT a political site. It is a learning center for people whom are concerned given the current environment, that a level of physical and mental preparedness is warranted.

Our mission involves developing teams/communities/regions within Mississippi and outside the state of individuals and teams/communities whom are self reliant. Our mission also involves developing a grass roots intelligence gathering community of VERIFIED information both for preparedness and situational awareness.

Our National Group, Alarm and Muster is the support factor of Intelligence gathering and the emergency "Call Tree"

The Alarm and Muster Project

The Alarm & Muster project has always been concerned with the creation of a
network of communication of likeminded men and women nationwide that would refuse the infringement of their freedoms. It is our unalienable right to
life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness and we will allow no man, no
one, to infringe upon these. We are the children of 1775, if not by blood, then by spirit; and we extend our hand of welcome.

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