The 912 Project Hattiesburg evolved from the “We Surround Them Groups” inspired by Glenn Beck in February and represent the idea that we can all come together as Americans in a new spirit of Patriotism and love for our country.. the way we did on September 12, 2001 following the attack on our freedoms in New York and Pennsylvania.

We are a non-partisan advocacy group that follows political issues and pending legislation closely so that we can inform and educate the voters and to then rally them to contact their congressmen to voice their opinions about specific issues.

The idea that a sleeping America has begun to wake up to an ever-encroaching federal government and the recognition of the need for our nation to return to the principles and values held by our founding fathers are ideas whose time has come.

We are a watchdog group that believes that Congress and the White House should be held accountable and that they need to represent ‘We the People’, practice fiscal responsibility and uphold the Constitution of the United States.

It is our goal to work together to unseat every Congressman who does not and we will begin with the 2010 elections.

We are also seeking out and fielding candidates who share our goals and who will give us proper representation in Washington and also on the local and state levels.



In April, 2010, we joined The Mississippi Tea Party, a statewide association of 912 and Tea Party groups who share the common goals of  of constitutionally limited government, fiscal discipline and free market economics.




The MSTP's purpose is to enable and support communications between the associated member groups, to offer a venue for state-wide promotion of tea party events, to provide a unified voice on an issue-by-issue basis as determined by the Member Chapters, to foster the growth of new tea party groups throughout the state of Mississippi and to develop and implement strategies that support the election of principled, conservative candidates to elected offices.

We are excited to join with 912 and Tea Party groups across the state to unite for common goals. For more information, visit www.msteaparty.ning.com.

There are thousands of groups like ours all over the country. We share common goals and strategies that together will help take our country back.

Get involved...
Research the issues...
Let your voice be heard!

BELOW: Taxpayer Protests held on 4-15-09 mapped out by TaxDayTeaParty.com