RokTabs Preview

What is RokTabs?

RokTabs is a fully independent and incredibly flexible standalone version of the popular template feature, RokSlide. That being, a module that displays content in tabs that are scrollable and automatic (if set). The module itself is installable into Joomla and can be easier utilised on any template, not just Akiraka. As it name implies, its a tabbed based module to efficiently showcase your content to your visitors.

How do I configure RokTabs?

We will take a quick look at the parameters you will find when you install this module. There are 4 columns, parameters, options, demo and description. The parameter column lists each available setting for the module; options lists the available options to choose from; demo lists the options chosen on the demo and description outlines what the module does.


Show Title Enabled Position Category Section Order Authors Theme Style Width Max # of Tabs Transition Duration Transition Type Transition Effect Tabs Position Tabs Title Incremental text Hide h6 tags Autoplay Autoplay Delay Module Suffix


Yes : No Yes : No list of positions list of categories list of sections list of orders list of authors Text Fied Number Field Number Field Number Field Scrolling : Fading list of transitions Top : Bottom : Hidden list of options Text Field Yes : No Yes : No Number Field Text Field


Yes Yes Right FP Tabs RT Demo Content Recently Modified First Anyone base 230 8 600 Scrolling Quad.easInOut Top By Content Title Tab Yes No 2000 promo


Enable/Disable the module header Enable/Disable the module Position of the module Category of content Section of content Ordering of content A filter for the authors Select a theme/style Width of the module Max number of Tabs Time for transition Type of transition The transition effect Position of the tabs Determine the tab title Set an incremental text Hide h6 titles Rotate automatically Set delay on auto-rotation A module class suffix
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The all new plugin from RocketTheme which allows you to implement typography easily, without fear of the WYSIWYG editor ruining your formatting and allows you, and/or your clients to add them to your content with ease. This is through a method similar to BBcode in a modern. WYSIWYG friendly syntax can be used, or even custom custom configured that will transform a set snippet to the correct HTML when it is parsed by Joomla.
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