Student Outreach

The 912 Project Hattiesburg is working on developing a multi-media outreach program to educate college students about the threats to our liberty by left-wing radicals in positions of leadership in our government who are targeting them with propaganda on our college campuses and in the classroom.

Our goal is to raise awareness and to engage students in developing their own education and outreach program using social media, technology, promotional items and live events that will help rally our young people around the truths evidenced in our Constitution and founding documents.

The fight must become their own and it must be delivered in the language and the communication methods that appeal to them. It must be cultivated so that they can effectively harness the voices of their generation into a rallying cry that rejects the propaganda being directed at them touting social and economic justice, redistribution of wealth and forced servitude to a government with an agenda of total control of the masses through entitlement programs and global governance.

Branding the campaign and implementation of a dynamic marketing strategy are key factors in getting the attention and interest of a group of students who will take an active role in the planning process and who will then play a major role as the various methods of outreach are implemented.