In or Out 2010

We must be committed to unseating every compromised incumbent in 2010.

Gene Taylor - Vote him out in 2010

In Mississippi, our Congressional race in 2010 will allow us the opportunity to replace 20 year Congressional Democrat Gene Taylor in the 4th District of Mississippi.  While many will defend him as a 'nice guy', it must be remembered that he voted for Nancy Pelosi. He is lukewarm at best and can be counted on by his Democratic associates.

He recently voted for the 'Hate Crimes' bill 'because it was attached to the Defense budget'. When asked why they could not vote on one bill at a time, his response was 'That will never happen!' Unwilling to fight for or defend his constituents, he has displayed an air of arrogance and entitlement at Town Hall meetings this year while dismissing the intellect of his constituency. To learn more about Gene Taylor please go to

Joe Tegerdine - Republican candidate for the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi

Joe Tegerdine has been endorsed by The Independence Caucus as their candidate of choice for the 4th Congressional District of Mississippi.  Standing on family values, Tegerdine is a pro-life Constitutionalist who pledged to lead and to fight for, among other things, new leadership, limited government, fiscal discipline and a strong national defense. To learn more about Joe Tegerdine, go to

In or Out 2010

Glenn has a simple challenge for Washington lawmakers:

Are you in or are you out?

If your politician doesn't believe, support or reflect these beliefs in their actions then they aren't supporting you. More importantly, they aren't supporting, protecting or defending the Constitution